Sheep Peak (9750 feet), Sheep Range, Nevada

December 20, 2005

01Entering Desert Wildlife Range

02The road to Corn Creek

03We register here


05Sheep Range from Corn Creek

06Off to Cow Camp Road

07Sheep Range

08Desert Trumpets

09Desert Trumpets

10Another field of Desert Trumpets

11We take this road

12Our hike begins here

13There is no trail



16Rabbit Brush

17In Wagon Canyon

18A look back

19First Pinion Pine we encounter

20By one of the forks

21By Pinion Pine

22Pinion Pine cones

23Pinion Pine cone

24With Pinion Pine nuts

25Pinion Pine nuts

26They are delicious

27The are many Natural Spires around


29By one of the Spires

30By Natural Arch

31By Natural Arch

32More Spires

33In Wagon Canyon

34In Wagon Canyon

35We continue up canyon

36View out of the canyon

37By young White Fir

38Pretty White Fir

39Pine trees are all around

40Pine forest

41At the saddle

42We continue uphill

43Climbing up among Bristlecones

44View of Hayford Peak

45Finally summit is visible

46Survey plaque

47On the summit

48On the summit

49View from the summit

50View from the summit

51Close-up of Spring Mountains

52View from the summit

53By Bristlecone Pine

54The ridge we descend

55A look back at the ridge

56A look down the canyon