Muddy Peak (5,385 feet) and Muddy High Point (5,432 feet)

Muddy Mountains Wilderness near Lake Mead, Nevada

Ascent via East Canyon, descent through Hidden Valley

( If climbing only Muddy Peak- 9+ miles round trip. If climbing both Muddy Peak and Muddy High Point- 12+ miles round trip)

March 1, 2006

01On 4x4 Buffington Pockets Byway

02Muddy Mountains

03Our hike begins here

04It is a 3 mile walk to ascent canyon

05Close-up of Muddy Peak


07Still long ways to East Canyon

08On route to East Canyon

09On route to East Canyon

10On route to East Canyon

11Multi-story cave rock

12Entering East Canyon Narrows

13In the narrows

14In the narrows

15In the narrows

16Narrows-looking back

17Exiting narrows

18East Canyon

19In East Canyon

20In East Canyon

21Hiking up East Canyon

22Blue Sage in East Canyon

23In East Canyon

24In East Canyon

25In East Canyon

26In East Canyon

27In East Canyon

28In East Canyon

29Still long ways to saddle

30Checking out the hairy traverse

31Looking back

32In East Canyon

33In East Canyon

34In East Canyon

35On route to saddle

36On route to saddle

37On route to saddle

38On route to saddle

39View down East Canyon we ascended

40View of Muddy Peak from saddle

41The summit is near

42Summit pyramid

43Camouflaged Underwing Moth

44Underwing Moth showing off colors

45Climbing up the chute

46View down from chute

47Climbing up


49View of Muddy High Point

50Topping out