Winter Ascent of

Fletcher Peak (10, 253 feet)

Spring Mountains , Nevada

New Year's Day 2006

01Spring Mountains

02Our goal for today

03We begin here

04On North Loop trail

05By Wilderness sign

06On North Loop trail

07On the trail

08On the trail

09Bristlecone Pines

10Bristlecone Pines

11Ponderosa Pine

12By roots of Ponderosa

13More Bristlecones

14View of Mummys Nose

15On the trail

16Mummys Toe in the back

17View of Fletcher Peak from trail

18Roots of Bristlecone Pines

19We leave the trail here

20Mummys Toe and Charleston overlook


22Close-up of Charleston Peak

23Bristlecone Pine

24By another Bristlecone Pine

25A healthy snack

26On route to the summit

27View from the summit

28View from the summit

29On the summit

30On the summit

31It is snowing