Charleston Peak (11,918 feet)

Spring Mountains, Nevada

Via Trail Canyon, North Loop Trail and Devil's Thumb

14 miles up and back; over 4000 feet of elevation gain.

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May 10, 2006

01We begin in Trail Canyon


03The Hood- climbing area

04The Hood

05Cocks Comb in morning light

06Arch on Cocks Comb

07First glimpse of Charleston Peak

08On North Loop trail

09Mummy scree slope is snow free

10One of many Bristlecone Pines

11View of our planned route

12Close-up of Devils Thumb

13View of Big Falls from trail

14Close-up of Big Falls

15On North Loop trail

16One of many snow traverses

17Nice view of our goal from trail

18On route to another snowy traverse

19View of South Ridge and Griffith

20Close-up of Griffith Peak

21Snow is melting

22On route to another traverse

23View of Devils Thumb and Charleston

24View of Devils Thumb

25Snow free Sisters and Macks

26Snow free McFarland

27Vistas from the trail

28 We have arrived by Devils Thumb

29Vistas below Devils Thumb

30First climb

31Starting up Devils Thumb

32On route up Devils Thumb

33Second climb

34A look back

35A look ahead

36Having fun

37On route to the summit

38On route to the top

39On route to the top

40Hiking up