Carpenter Canyon

Spring Mountains, Nevada

The clearwater Carpenter Canyon Creek runs the entire year.

It is fed by one of the springs located on the eastern side of the range.

June 12, 2006

01On route to the trailhead

02View of Charleston Peak

03Palmers Penstemon

04Sunflower Goldeneye

05Apache Plume

06Apache Plume

07Mule Deer

08Mule Deer

09Creek by the trailhead

10The Trailhead

11Photographing swallowtails

12Tiger Swallowtails chilling by the creek

13Tiger Swallowtail

14First creek crossing

15On route up canyon

16Rough Angelica

17Rough Angelica

18Crimson Columbine

19Creek crossing

20Indian Paintbrush

21Creek crossing

22On a path along the creek

23The creek


25By the creek

26By the creek

27The creek

28By the creek

29Creek and moss

30Creek and moss

31Another creek crossing

32Alpine Shooting Star


34Utah Penstemon


36By the creek

37The creek

38The creek

39The creek

40The creek

41Tiger Swallowtail

42Tiger Swallowtail

43Tiger Swallowtail

44Tiger Swallowtail

45The creek

46By the creek


48Looking up

49Tiger Swallowtail

50Tiger Swallowtail


52Yet another Tiger Swallowtail

53By the creek and Paintbrush

54Indian Paintbrush by the creek

55Indian Paintbrush

56The creek

57Crimson Columbine

58By the creek

59Looking down small waterfall

60On route up canyon

61Looking down the creek

62Creek crossing

63By the creek


65Traversing above the creek

66Natural arch above

67Close-up of the arch



70The creek